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Dreadful Days [Nov. 25th, 2009|10:32 am]

I've been sitting on this comic the past few days. I thought I 'd finally post it, partially because I had another dream about my grandma's neighborhood this morning. This time "they" were digging up the park we used to go to and doing some sort of construction. I was snooping around taking pictures of everything trying to remember all the times I spent in that park. In particular I saw a giant fountain that was part of the park as a kid in my dream, but is not actually part of the park in real life. It's weird how my brain embellishes things beyond recognition but my consciousness still recognizes it.

Anyways, I don't really know whats up with these grandma dreams lately. The only thing I can think of is when going on a job interview a couple weeks ago. I followed some mapquest directions to an address in Milwaukee, while what I really needed was the same address only in South Milwaukee. Coincidentally the Milwaukee address landed me right near her old neighborhood, in fact I drove right past the park in my dream. though somehow I missed seeing the house she actually lived in