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Christ am I really 30!? - danhernandez [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Christ am I really 30!? [Jan. 27th, 2011|12:38 am]
Just turned 30 on Monday. After the initial day of mourning, I've felt the need to reminisce. Tonight, I decide to visit Talkaboutcomics.com. I used to spend so much time on that board.

Hell looking at my profile it says I was still working in a coffee shop which was about 2002. I was still in college then, getting paid 6 bucks an hour slinging coffee, surviving off of pilfered junk food and subway, smoking heavily, living in the corner of a dank loft space and was depressingly single.

It's hard to picture myself back then skinny, smelly, socially awkward, wearing a top hat, drinking heavily, desperately trying to act the part of the artist.

I don't know, in a way I miss it, but I don't. I liked the "adventures" I'd get in back then, but overall I think I was a pretty unhappy person. And I much prefer being happy.